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Leave your signature to the tradition. Enjoy local cuisine in a place that exudes the history of old Belgrade.

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Everything is ready for another perfect day with great food and even greater company.

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In an historical place

Well-known in the history of Belgrade, the Čuburski park, has grown our restaurant, which builds its own story and recounts the tradition of old Belgrade to both local and foreign guests.

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Our menu and food are the main focus in Potpis. We strive to provide you with the highest quality meals in an atmosphere suitable for every occasion. Whether it's a client meeting, an anniversary, a birthday, an evening out, we want our place to be your place too. Potpis Restaurant is our second home and we hope we will always give you the welcome you deserve.

The Potpis Restaurant combines tradition with creativity and modern design. The result of this combination is an unforgettable visitor experience that delivers delicious food and a homey atmosphere to all senses. Every detail - from a variety of specialties, through the interior to a professional service, is carefully woven into an overall experience that will leave you breathless.

Our sister restaurant is the Mala Fabrika Ukusa, in which we have learned all that is needed to provide you with an unforgettable experience and superb food. The Potpis Restaurant is located in the heart of the Čuburski Park and is an ideal place for everyday enjoyment as well as organization of all kinds of celebrations.

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*Served untill 12h, weekends untill 13h*

  • Breakfast Potpis (fried eggs, cheese...)390 rsd

    Eggs as you wish (bacon, ham, cheese) 250+50 rsd

    Fried eggs with cheese, paprika and bacon 310 rsd

    Omelette with greaves and ajvar 350 rsd

  • French toast with fermented milk and white cheese 290 rsd

    Home made polenta with cheese290 rsd

    Boiled bread on wayer, litle bit of oil and cheese 290 rsd

  • Veal cream chowder 280 rsd

  • Chicken soup260 rsd

    Potage of the day280 rsd

  • Potpis 1350 rsd

    Just with one snaps 940 rsd

    Pork in aspic 390 rsd

    Beef tartare 980 rsd

    Rumpsteak carpaccio 940 rsd

    Goose liver pate with brioche bread 670 rsd

  • Grilled cheese from Miroc 420 rsd

    Pepper stuffed with cheese then breaded 490 rsd

    Stuffed prunes with cheese and rolled bacon 460 rsd

    Crunchy zucchini 420 rsd

    Green apple carpaccio with beet and goat cheese 440 rsd

  • Ćevapi/Burger 690 rsd

    Ćevapi on baked pepper 780 rsd

    Homemade sausage 690 rsd

    Something for everyone (Ćevap,Sausage...) 1440 rsd

    Branka's minced meat rolled in souerkraut 590 rsd

    Beef tenderloin steak (sauce as you wish) 1760 rsd

    Ramo Ramo friend of mine 1060 rsd

    Rolled veal with baked potatoe1190 rsd

    Beef goulash on puree 740 rsd

    Beef tail on homemade pastry 690 rsd

    Roasted piglet in peaces 810 rsd

    Knuckles in pastry on baked sauerkraut 180 rsd (100 gr.)

    From thy sky to the ribs 750 rsd

  • Turkey fillet stuffed with ajvar and cheese 890 rsd

    Zucchini moussaka with turkey and spinach cream 820 rsd

    Marinated chicken thing on puree with baby spinach 790 rsd

    Monastery chicken 890 rsd

    Lamb moussaka 710 rsd

    Rolled lamb meat with baked potatoe 1150 rsd

    Lamb meat easy kooked 290 rsd (100 gr.)

    Lasagne with spinach and goat cheese 740 rsd

    Homemade gnocchi in prosciutto...760 rsd

    Beef tenderloin steak salad 790 rsd

    Chicken salad 730 rsd

    Fried squid 1190 rsd

    Smoked traut 980 rsd

  • Serbian with cheese 290 rsd

    Serbian salad 280 rsd

    Rocket, cherry and pine nuts 450 rsd

    Pepper with garlic in oil 290 rsd

    Cabbage/Sauerkraut 230 rsd

    Vitamin salad 260 rsd

  • Ajvar 360 rsd

    Hot pepper 80 rsd

    Garden salad 280 rsd

    Green mix with beet and feta cheese 330 rsd

    Pickled vegetables 280 rsd

  • Basket with bread 130 rsd

    Bread 80 rsd

  • Homemade fritters with olives and dried tomato 190 rsd

    Cornbread 140 rsd

  • Trileće 350 rsd

    Chocolate cake with raspberry jam 280 rsd

    Chocolate souffle 390 rsd

    Floating silands 290 rsd

    Creme brulee 320 rsd

  • Pancakes 260 rsd

    Homemade dumplings290 rsd

    Ice cream - scoop 90 rsd

    Cherry pie and vanilla ice cream 340 rsd

  • Rakia 0.05l

    Plum Serbian trojka 210 rsd

    Plum Savičević 210 rsd

    Plum Novakova 210 rsd

    Plum Hubert 210 rsd

    Plum Gorda 390 rsd

    Srpska trojka (Apricot,Quince,Williams pear) 260 rsd

    Savičević (Apricot, Williams pear) 260 rsd

    Hubert (Apricot,Quince,Williams pear) 260 rsd

    Quince Marojević 260 rsd

    Grape rakia Barique 260 rsd

    Vidarica Travarica 210 rsd

    Meduška 210 rsd

    Baba višnja 210 rsd

  • Beer

    Lav Premium 0,3/0,5l 180/260 rsd

    Budweiser 0,3/0,5l 210/290 rsd

    Lav Premium 0,33l 195 rsd

    Tuborg 0,33l 240 rsd

    Budweiser 0,33l 240 rsd

    Budweiser dark 0,33l 240 rsd

    Carlsberg 0,33l 270 rsd

    Erdinger weat 0,33l 350 rsd

    Guinness 0,33л 420 rsd

    San Miguel 0,33l 310 rsd

    Kronenberger blanc 0,33l 270 rsd

    Somersby 0,33l 270 rsd

    Grimbergen 0,33l 270 rsd

  • Domestic ice tea Fabbri

    Apricot 240 rsd

    Raspberry240 rsd

  • Aperitif 0,05l

    Whisky 340 rsd

    Whisky 12 YO 560 rsd

    Bourbon 380 rsd

    Cognac VS 420 rsd

    Cognac VSOP 580 rsd

    Cognac XO 1900 rsd

    Vodka 260 rsd

    Gin 260 rsd

    Tequila 280 rsd

    Campari 270 rsd

    Amaro Montenegro 270 rsd

    Jegermeister 270 rsd

    Bailey's 360 rsd

    Aperol spritz 0,5390 rsd

    Martini 290 rsd

    Vinjak 240 rsd

  • Hot beverages

    Espresso 155 rsd

    Espresso with milk 175 rsd

    Cappucino 185 rsd

    Nescafe 195 rsd

    Domestic coffe 145 rsd

    Tea 190 rsd

    Mulled wine 290 rsd

    Mulled rakia 260 rsd

  • Nonalchoholic beverages

    Coca cola, fanta, sprite 0,25l210 rsd

    Juices (bottle) 0,2l 230 rsd

    Squeezed juices 0,2l 280 rsd

    Lemonade 0,3l 210 rsd

    Water 0,25l160 rsd

    Water 0,75l 240 rsd

    Red Bull 0,25l360 rsd

    Raspberry juice 0,15l360 rsd

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Wall paintings and ambiance that testify to a long time ago, adapted to today so that all our guests can fully feel the special energy and charm that our restaurant has

Work hour

  • Monday - Thursday

    9:00 - 00:00

  • Friday - Saturday

    9:00 - 01:00

  • Sunday

    9:00 - 00:00

  • Kitchen work hour

  • Monday - Saturday

    9:00 - 22:00

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  • The waiters are excellent, the service is phenomenal. All praises. The food is fantastic, straith five!

    - Your faithful guest

  • Pleasant ambience. Phenomenal food, fresh, fragrant. Top service. All Praises!

    - Your faithful guest

  • Great service, hospitable and friendly waiters, I felt at home; tucked in, nice and relieved. Tavern with a soul

    - Marijana Milićević



+381 11 4076 369

Orlović Pavla 15, Belgrade, Serbia

Work hour

Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 00:00

Friday - Saturday 9:00 - 01:00

Sunday 9:00 - 00:00